Translate Learning & Development into Performance Improvement

Power Phases

1. Consultation

At the outset of a project it is necessary to establish clear terms of engagement and the desired outcome. For some of our clients an initial meeting is all that is required to get the project started and for others a more detailed consultation period is required in order to clearly determine the performance development needed.

Consultation can take many forms that include 1:1 interviews, on the job observation, data analysis, staff surveys, attending meeting, mystery shopping, listening in, customer surveys etc.

Once the fact find has been carried out we then propose the best learning and development solution for the business, which will have defined goals, definition and criteria. The content and format will then be agreed which will take into consideration operational demands, timelines, budget, infrastructure and culture.

The consultation phase ends with an agreed and well-defined performance development need that will be addressed through the training.

The learning and development approaches vary greatly and you can read more about these under Phase 3 - Delivery.

2. Design & Development

At Power To Enable we are expert in developing tailored solutions that are specific to your company or team requirements. To do this we use info gathered during the consultancy phase. Incorporating information gathered in this way adds value and encourages buy in from the employees later on during the delivery phase.

The programme content is designed to have a balance of theory and practical exercises with the emphasis on mirroring real work situations for maximum impact. It is important to create the right learning environment and approach to ensure that the lessons learned translate to performance improvement and of course this comes in all shapes and sizes!

3. Delivery

Our training is focused on experience and improving performance. The methods we use are a mixture of traditional training methods, experiential training which can be indoor or outdoor, workshops, modular training programmes, conferences, one to one coaching and more recently by using our 'POWERFULL' sessions which are becoming increasingly popular. Please give us a call to find out more about any of these.

4. Implementation

Everything we do is about translating learning into performance improvements and as a result of this many of our clients elect to underpin the training with a post training 'on the job' coaching programme.

These programmes allow us to work with you, not only to improve the performance of your teams but also ensure that your team leaders, coaches and managers continue to improve team performance in the future. This is particularly important on a large-scale project where considerable changes in working practice are required.

This phase ensures that the new skills acquired are embedded in such a way that accelerates them to become 'business as usual' as soon as possible.

5. Evaluation

To ensure the best possible return on investment, we can evaluate the impact of the training on your business. This may involve a simple discussion and investigation of changes or if required a more in depth evaluation project where a comparison of results and data from consultation phase is used to identify the performance improvements.


You can see the clients that have benefited from working with us on this 5-step approach.

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Client Testimonials

"Our client base is generally very affluent and often high profile and therefore excellent 'customer service' is essential to the survival of our business. I believe the training my staff has received from Power To Enable has allowed my company not only to survive but also to flourish."
Edward Thomas, Director